A selection of case studies

“The administration of our real estate fund became too much of a burden for me. This is now with Capital Support and I no longer have to look after it anymore. They deal with the administration and cash management. They take care of the annual and other reports and they also communicate directly with my accountant, my notary and my tax advisers. My administration is now fully up to date.”

“I would never have thought that an inheritance would lead to sever family row. Since my mother passed away, I realised that even in a family as harmonious as ours, there can be some very resentful debates. My husband and I have 5 children and I no longer believe that all will automatically come to a peaceful end. That is why we appointed Capital Support as our ‘executeur’.”

“We have requested Capital Support to take care of the participant administration of our investment fund. They take care of the financial administration and they draft annual reports. They determine the net asset value at the time of participation and redemption and they provide for individual reports as well as at the level of the fund. It reduces our work-load tremendously. “

“My Mum no longer understands the value of money and she has recently become very forgetful. At our request, the court has appointed Capital Support to administrate her financial affairs and act as her ‘bewindvoerder’. Now they take care of my mother’s business, in accordance with her wishes. This has taken away most of our worries.”

You have several advisers for the management of your carefully built fortune, but you lack the time to think properly about the many questions involving your financial affairs. Although your advisers provide high quality services, between them there is a distinct lack of coordination. ‘Capital Support Vermogensregie’ (Capital-direction) is specialised in the protection of wealth, comprising financial management, coordination, representation and consolidated reporting. We build the bridge between you and your advisers. That way you keep a clear picture of your financial situation and the risks involved.”

“My husband and I have donated money to our children. My youngest son of nineteen does not seem to have behaved in a responsible way, yet. For this reason we have appointed Capital Support as ‘bewindvoerder’ (a ‘trustee’ under Dutch Law). They are an independent third party, which can help him along and educate him how to run his own affairs responsibly. That way, my husband and I are able to continue to undertake interesting ventures and talk to our son about other subjects.“

“For my job, I will relocate to the Middle East for 5 years. It makes it difficult for me to take care of my business involving my investment, a property bought to let, in Amsterdam and to take care of the rent efficiently. This and other administrative issues, I am happy to delegate to Capital Support.”

“I own a company which holds my pension. The administration has become too much of a burden. That is why I have involved Capital Support. They also take care of the management of my assets. It is a great relief for me.”